Infinirock Productions is a partnership of like-minded talent offering creative and artistic solutions.


We document audio and video, and provide inspiration through graphic design. Our projects include live audio recording, audio post-production, digital photography, video recording and editing, graphic design, and petting cats.


We've worked with a variety of musicians in the Chicago area, including Mr. Blotto and Jack Straw.
Currently we are based in the Madison, WI area and are recording bands, such as Ifdakar, The Grasshoppers,
and anyone else who may cross our path.


Below you will find a little more about each of us and our interests. If you would like to contact us, please feel free
to do so. For general inquiries, please contact us at

Dan |

Lake Crescent, WA a numbers man. He's into engineering and mathematics. Recording and documenting live music is his hobby, and he has a great knowledge of cameras as well. Other than that, he's probably checking out the latest news and photos on NASA's website, and he's always ready to go camping.


On the right you'll see one of Dan's many photos from Olympic National Park in Washington State. This photo was taken while camping at the Sol Duc Campground.

Christine | | portfolio

A road along the Smokie Mnts a graphic designer and multimedia geek constantly working on new projects. When she's not using Adobe Creative Suite she's using Final Cut to create another video. If you can tear her away from her iMac she's probably enjoying live music with Dan and Steve.


The photo on the right shows Chris enjoying one of the many great features of the Kalaloch Beach at Olympic National Park.

Steve |

Camping in Mesa Verde, CO a coffee nut always on the lookout for the next best golf course. If he's not downloading music to add to his collection, then he's packing up the audio gear and ready to record live music.


If you look to the right you'll see a nice photo of Steve enjoying the view at Morefield Campground. This was just one of many great pieces of scenery at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

Zeke | | portfolio

Zeke out on a hike a graphic artist with a history of poster, stage banner, stage pass, t-shirt design, and logo creation. He has also assisted with video recordings and photography at live music events.


On the right you'll see Zeke in action out on a hike.